How long you been playing?
Published on June 3, 2005 By Istari In WoW
I've been playing World of Warcraft for awhile now in terms of calendar months but never have the time to put into it necessary to really getting up in levels.

I've heard rumors that Blizzard is working on an expansion for this Winter. Anyone else hear about that? What would you like to see in such an expansion?

on Jun 06, 2005
Do you mean an expansion apart from Battlegrounds?
on Jun 06, 2005
From what I have heard, and I am pretty addicted to the game and such, the expansion you heard of is most likely Battlegrounds that Yarlen mentioned. They rumored plan is that their will be the downloadable patch that will be for free and then an actual expansion that will also include a new class to chose from. This expansion is supposed to come at a fee though, but remember its currently just a rumor.